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Functions of the ISG



The ISG’s aim is the coordination of the Shagya Arab breeding in the participating countries concerning the aims of breeding, the preservation of the clean breed and the support of the Shagya Arab.

ISG represents the interests of Shagya Arab breeding internationally

ISG draws up guidelines regarding the stud books for its members. All national stud books need to be accepted by the ISG.

The ISG has different types of members:

  1. National networks or stud farms, writing their own stud book or offering a special department for stud books for Shagya Arabs.
  2. Individual breeders with a voting right and personal members of countries without a representative office. Maximum membership is 5 years.
  3. Supportive members (Members supporting the ISG without a right to vote)

Every year, the ISG organizes a meeting of delegates, where next to delegates of the national networks and stud farms, also individual breeders and supportive members are invited. Moreover every second year an ISG European championship for Shagya Arabs is arranged by a national network and financially supported by the ISG. The ISG carries out judgement training courses and seminars for judges. Furthermore the ISG offers a list of official judges to organizers of shows.

National networks usually face following tasks:

  1. Approval of stallions and mares
  2. Placement of suitable breeding horses
  3. Taking stock of the whole Shagya Arab population
  4. Setting regulations concerning the stud books for the clean breed of Shagya Arabs accepted by the ISG
  5. Representing the interests of its members in national and international networks and boards
  6. Keeping an organized stud book
  7. Carrying out breeding shows, exhibitions and performance tests
  8. Answering questions of its members regarding breeding and keeping Shagya Arabs
  9. Arranging training courses and sports events